IBM Websphare 4.0 server

Installing a certificate chain
Before adding SSL certificate to keystore, it is necessary to add intermediates certificates as well. It is called certificate chain.
Install certificates:
Root Certificate
Primary Server certificate
You can do this by choosing Signer Certificates option in the Key database content menu in the IBM Key Management console.
Click on the Add button on the right side. The new window will appear. Please enter there the certificate file name (SSL you received) and its location. click OK when all information is entered.

Installing certificate for domain/site
Now you can import your SSL to keystore. Open IBM Key Management console and select option Personal Certificates in the Key Database Content menu.
Click Receive button. New window will appear. Enter the file name with SSL certificate and its location. Click OK to finish.

Enabling SSL
Once your keystore has been successfully configured with your certificate, you can enable SSL in WebSphere Application Server.