F5 Big IP

After you obtain the certificate, you must copy it onto each BIG-IP Controller. You can configure certificates using the Configuration utility or from the command line.

Installation with Configuration utility

  • click proxy in the navigation panel,
  • window proxy will appear,
  • click Install SSL Certificate Request tab,
  • in the Certfile Name box type the name of domain with .crt extension,
  • enter the certificate in the SSL Certificate section, do not forget the lines BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE,
  • click Write Certificate File button to install certificate.

Installation with Command line
Copy the SSL to following directory on each BIG-IP Controller: /config/bigconfig/ssl.crt/ If you used the genkey or gencert utilities to generate the CSR, a copy of the key should already be in: /config/bigconfig/ssl.key/
Installation Intermediate CA with command line
Copy the intermediate CA certificate into each BIG-IP Controller. Open Intermediate certificate. Create a new file with it as intermediate-ca.crt (include also lines BEGIN and EN CERTIFICATE). Save file in /config/bigconfig/ssl.crt/

Certificates are stored in ssl.crt directory.
Before you configure the SSL Accelerator you must moved manually keys and certificates on both BIG-IP Controllers.